This world has now turned into a global village and this phenomenon is only due to the age of information technology. Keeping in view the new international trends in policing, Punjab Police has taken a step further in organizing police structure and its effectiveness through PROMIS (Police Record & Office Management Information System).


It is a branch of PROMIS and aims to computerize the following:

  • FIRs (First Information Report)
  • FIR related updates
  • Record of criminals (POs etc),
  • Daily crime bulletin,
  • Data of vehicle theft/snatching &
  • Entries of all registers at Police Station etc.

Model Police Stations

Peace, Protection, Security and the sense of security are the major components to measure the scale of prosperity of a nation, especially in a developing country like Pakistan. In order to make the environment of our Cities secure, Region Gujranwala  has taken the initiatives to set up  Model Police Stations to alter the typical Police culture. These police stations will be different from any ordinary Police Station with regard to their performance and shall play a prominent role to reduce the crime rate of the districts in Gujranwala Region. The buildings of these police stations have been designed with specific arrangements of the process of investigation and Police operations.

The environment of Model Police Station will help to improve the culture of typical Police Stations and will be beneficial to establish a peaceful and prosperous society.

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Criminal Record Management System (CRMS)

This system is meant for criminal record management and identification of criminals by using Biometrics, physical appearance and previous crime history. The main features of this system include development of database of digitized finger prints of criminals and identification of their latent and other finger prints through automation.

The central database of the fingerprints is integrated with all the districts and other field units of Punjab police so that a criminal of one district  can easily be  identified  in another. Furthermore, it is integrated with Tenant Registration System and Hotel Eye, as a result of which tenants and guests of hotels having criminal record can be identified all over the Punjab.



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Human Recource & Management Information System HRMIS

Basically the internal Human Resource Management of Punjab police is being done through the system and with one click, the total service record of the police officials is available. This system would go a long way in the carrier planning and decision making by the supervisory officers as regards to their subordinates. It is also integrated with Police Station Record Management System and Biometric Attendance System. In short, due to this system, Gujranwala Region, Police is fulfilling all the international standards of police organization.





 Regional Complaint Centre. Help Line 1161

The Regional Police Officer, Gujranwala has established Complaint Centre in RPO office to facilitate the peoples.  Now the complaintants can easly and directly  submit their complaints to Regional Police Officer without travelling long distance,  Just dial 1161 and share your complaint with RPO, Gujranwala and you will find quick response ever.





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Police Khidmat Markaz

The inspector general of Punjab police (IGP) is considering establishing a Police Khidmat Markaz in all provincial districts to facilitate victims of crime and provide legal aid for violence against women, tenant registration, vehicle verification and police character certificates.
The IGP believes that the establishment of a Khidmat Markaz would also resolve longstanding issues related to traffic licensing and acquiring character certificates, as all the documentation would be completed at one centre and send digitally to the concerned Khidmat Markaz for issuance and courier delivery.

Police Khidmat Markaz Gujranwala   Police Khidmat Markaz Sialkot
Police Khidmat Markaz Hafizabad   Police Khidmat Markaz Mandi Baha ud Din

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Police Driving Schools

Another excellent step taken by Regional Police Officer, Gujranwala, is the establishment of Police Driving Schools  in various districts of the reagion. In these Driving Schools, students are educated on the rules and regulation of Driving. To facilitate the poeple, evening and afternoon classes are available. The participants of Police Driving Schools who  successfully complete the training sessions and pass the examination, are issued  pass certificates which help them during  driving tests for driving licence.

Main Features

  • Audio/Vedio based Training
  • Training on Multimedia
  • Practical Training
  • Traffic Education
  • Awareness about Road Discipline and Safety



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Volunteer in Police (VIP)

Volunteers in Police  is a locally-driven Citizen Corps program that allows community members to offer their time and talents to their local law enforcement agency. Volunteers in Police Service serves as a gateway to information for and about law enforcement volunteer programs and meets a volunteer's desire to serve as well as an agency's need for support. Regional Police Officer Gujranwala has established VIP/Community Policing Project in Gujranwala to enhance the capacity of police force with the help of volunteers to solve the problems of peoples.

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Regional Police Officer Gujranwala desires that all the members of his police force have much knowledge and skills about their responsibilities/job so that they can perform their duties perfect and excellent. He believes in quilty not in quantity. Therefore, Regional Police Officer, Gujranwala Region designed various courses /trainings/workshop for providing required skills to the police force members for doing the job effectively, skilfully and qualitatively i.e

  • ATA cases Investigation course.
  • Homicide Investigation Course
  • Human Rights, Gender & Child Portection workshop.
  • Capacity Building Course
  • Basich Investigation Course.
  • Communication Skills & Media Management course
  • PO/CA/TO course,
  • Front desk PSA, SSA course,
  • Computer course,
  • Porsecution Course
  • Technical training to MT staff/mechanics
  • Workshop about CROs
  • Workshop about POs (red warrant, inter-pol)
  • Workshop about Security arrangements.


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Gujranwala Police- FM Radio

FM Radio (under process)
This is the age of information and communication. Communication gap between Police and Public has always been felt widely. This gap was required to be reduced to ensure confidence building of public to access police without any hesitation, crime control, better law and order situation, create people friendly environment through community policing and highlighting Police Image.
To establish FM Radio,  formalities are being achieved and this service will be operational soon.

Through establishment of Gujranwala Police Radio FM,  Voice of Gujranwala Police will spread widely to achieve afore stated objectives. Gujranwala Police Radio will Provide

  • Information to the Masses
  • Awareness about Policing/Traffic
  • Police Version to different events and Incidents
  • Entertainment