RPO's Message


We strongly believe in justice, merit and fair play in all policing functions and exhibit this faith through our untiring efforts for the protection of honor, life and property of the citizens of Gujranwala Region. We strongly believe in serving the community without fear and favour.

We also believe that without a people centric police service, no society can prosper and develop, as it is only rule of law & certainty of punishment for deviant behaviors that cultivate trust in system and peace of mind in society. We encourage police-public partnership at all levels of service delivery and consider it as our major policy. By the establishment of Regional Dispute Resolution Committee, District Dispute Resolution Committees and Peace Committees, we are actively engaged in partnerships with society at large, with common object of dispensation of justice through a transparent mechanism.

Policing is a complex and challenging task and it would be our endeavor to instill a better sense of security in citizens of Gujranwala Region. Gujranwala Region police is striving to be more responsive and service-oriented with sharper focus on crime-fighting, grievance-redressal and service-outreach to all sections of society. We would, at the same time, greatly cherish a trustworthy and robust community partnership.  It’s our firm belief that no organization can excel in isolation; therefore, we invite all law abiding citizens to be our partner in this effort for ensuring rule of law in Gujranwala Region.


Muhammad Riaz Nazir Gara

Regional Police Officer
Gujranwala Region